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About us

Entitledto's team includes expert benefits knowledge, creative in-house application of web-based calculators and technical expertise.

Stephen Gibson

Stephen set up Entitledto in 2000 and is responsible for the design and functionality of Entitledto's website and products. He is a professional web application designer with over 20 years experience, including four years working for ITSA/SEMA. Stephen has significant experience of a range of web-based technologies and infrastructure and particular knowledge of Server products and database technologies.

Dr Phil Agulnik

Phil is responsible for the entitlement rule-base that underlies Entitledto's website and products. He has worked as an economist in the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Treasury, the Financial Services Authority and in academia. He has a PhD from the London School of Economics on social security policy.

Catherine Bywater

Catherine manages Entitledto's relationship with clients. Before joining Entitledto she had 15 years experience managing client and customer relationships for an international travel company.

Natasha Roe

Natasha edits Entitledto's public website and E2Adviser help pages. She is a writer/editor of 20 years standing who specialises in engaging diverse audiences with factual information. For the last four years she has been working as a communications consultant to community and voluntary sector organisations.


Account Information


October 2012
DCLG announce transition grant of £100million for local authorities to help with localisation of council tax support. Entitledto's calculators can help you consult and implement schemes that qualify for extra support from DCLG.
4th October 2012
Phil Agulnik addresses the IRRV Conference on the Impact of Universal Credit. See slides here. (The slides are attached).
3rd September 2012
Entitledto's Council Tax Support calculator is improving Council Tax Support consultation websites
13th June 2012
Entitledto and the National Housing Federation launch new 'bedroom tax' calculator
21st March 2012
Briefing on Budget changes to Child Benefit
22nd February 2012
White Paper 'Designing local Council Tax Support schemes'
3rd January 2012
Entitledto publish paper on Housing Benefit changes

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